Mittwoch, 30. September 2015

Kitesurfing Sri Lanka: Kalpitiya Lagoon

Kitesurfing Sri Lanka
Kitesurf Kalpitiya

Kiteschool Sri Lanka
Kiteboarding Sri Lanka

Kalpitiya Kitesurfing
Kalpitiya Sandlobe

Kitesurfing Lanka
DE SILVA Kiteschool
DE SILVA Windresort is located at one of the best spots for kiteboarding and windsurfing in the world. Stable windconditions, flat water at the really hughe Kalpitiya lagoon and the best team!

Kitekurs Sri Lanka

Dienstag, 3. Juni 2014

Kitesurf Sri Lanka

Kitesurf Kalpitiya 
A comfortable surfers hotel awaits you directly located at the hotspot Kalpitiya Lagoon! Perfect windconditions for beginners and freestylers! Best Sri Lankan food, Aftersurf-Chillout-Zone with lagoon view, new kite- and windsurf equipment and a nice team!

Donnerstag, 22. August 2013

Sundown at Kalpitiya Lagoon Beach

Specail offer for Kitcourse at De Silva´s Kiteresort 
3 Days Beginnercourse for 2 Persons 
215€ per person 
Start Kiting and a new Lifestyle with us!
For inquiries please write to

Donnerstag, 8. August 2013

Paradise Island Overnight Trip with De Silva´s!

Are you ready for island kite trip? Book with de silva's kite resort kalpitiya your kite island trip to one of the best kite areas around! Best wind conditions at paradice island. We go there by boat and kite all day long at kalpitiya's hotspot of sri lanka! For further informations or booking enquiries send us an e-mail: see you at kalpitiya!

Freitag, 19. Juli 2013

Big Opening Party at De Silva´s Kiteresort

Welcoming of the cabinet minister Rohita Abeygunawardena of Sri Lankan Parliament. 
Big honor to have him here at our Kiteresort!

Uncovering of the new sign in front of De Silva´s Kiteresort in presence of the minister :-) 

Big Fireworks to get the party started !!

Our cooks, ready to prepare same as always delicoius food for the guest. Special of the evening: Kotthu!

 Cook in action :-) 

Live Reggae Band Upul and the gang at stage perfoming for De Silva´s Opening Party. Next Party hopefully we see you here :-)

Freitag, 12. Juli 2013


Kitesurf Sri Lanka

DE SILVA Windresort Kalpitiya is Sri Lanka´s largest Kite- and Windsurfschool! Learn with the best!

Kitecourse KalpitiyaKitecourse Kalpitiya
Directly located at the hotspot Kalpitiya Lagoon your VDWS instructor team shows you the best way to learn this sport save and fast!

Kite course Sri Lanka
After your basic course you can achieve the basic license (International) and ride on your own or train for the next level !! 
Our international Instructor-Team (VDWS) will adjust to your personal level and helps you to steer your kite soon on your own. DE SILVA´s teaching area is perfect for beginners: flat water and standing area!

After your surfsession you can relax with a drink in your hammock or enjoy the amazing view from our "Aftersurf Chillout Zone"
Kitesurf Kalpitiya
More informations on accommodation possibilities you find on our homepage, or you write Susi your letter of inquiry :)

You don´t want to learn this sport alone? Just tell your friend to come with you - we have for you a special offer for the summer season2014:

Kitecourse Sri Lanka

Hope to see you soon at Kalpitiya Lagoon!